Tuesday, August 25, 2015

'Twas the Night Before School

'Twas the night before school
And mom cannot sleep
All the reminiscing
Makes her just weep.

All four of her babies
Will be boarding the bus
Is it any wonder
why she's making a fuss?

The summer flew by
Nearly as fast as the years
Nothing stops time
Nothing stops tears

The backpacks and lunch boxes
The papers and snacks
Soon it will be History cards
Science, Spelling, and Math Facts

With the oldest in Middle school
Was it not just yesterday
That he was three?!

The next one in Fourth
Who is this young lady
Ready to head out the door?

The third one in Third
Mom's treading this new ground
Quite tenderly 

And the BABY IS OFF?!
She has Kindergarten to master
An empty nest now at home
Leaves Mom's heart in disaster

And another hard part
Dad, too, is in school
Studying and reviewing
Has become the new cool

So what's Mom to do?
Her treasures all away
She has yet to grasp
The schedule of her day

She is dreading the bus
But a brave face she will wear
Choosing joy to replace
All that threatens to scare

For this is part of life
Training and helping them to be
All the humbly grand things
God has created them to be

And we are grateful for teachers
Principal and staff
Who mirror Jesus' love
And also share laughs

So as morning prayers are shared
And Joshua 1:9 recited
We'll head out the door
Ready and beyond excited

Here's to an amazing year
And all that is in store
May the lessons abound
And God's mercies outpour

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." ~Joshua 1:9

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

'Twas the Night Before...

'Twas the night before school
And nothing has changed
Mom is a mess
And life's rearranged

Three are heading off
And one stays with mom
Praying it goes smoothly
While all of them are gone

Clothes are pressed
New shoes sit and wait
The new start of the year
And it will be great

Beautiful skirts
and scarves add some fun
Just a few new things
For everyone

Polo shirts and
Plain gray shoes
Trying to steer clear
Of the trendy hues

Lunches to pack
Papers to fill
And just why is
Mom crying still??

The teachers are amazing
Humble as can be
All of them make Jesus
Their top priority

A joyful, servant heart
Makes the principal blessed
Leads by example
For all the rest

We have found at this school
A great family
It is not something
That we take lightly

With grateful hearts
We serve and we learn
Praying lifelong passions for Jesus
Will deeply burn

So while tears at the bus
Will most certainly be there
Smiles and confidence
We will also share

For we are training these ones
In the way in which they should go
Learning that in all areas of life
His presence should show

It will never be easy
For this Momma's heart
Trusting God for amazing things
As this new year starts!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Car Conversation

Having one of those nights that in the stillness of the house I reflect on the day.

A conversation in the car with our 7 year old rings in my ears.

"Mom, how do you know God loves you?"

I had just asked her the same question.

"Savannah," I replied, "One huge way I know He loves me is through His creation. I come in from work late at night and I stand under the stars knowing that He has named every one of them and yet knows MY name. He is everywhere to me. In the sunrises and sunsets, in the mountains, at the beach, in our back field."

She smiled and said she feels the same.

It is no coincidence that her hymn chosen before she was even born is "This is My Father's World".

We marveled together at the beautiful moon tonight. I felt Him whispering to my heart.

I have felt overwhelmed lately. In the day-to-day struggles of life, I struggle to really hear Jesus' words in Matthew--"I am always with you". There are many days and ways I begin to feel lost and question if He sees me--especially in my laundry room full of dirty clothes!! In every one of those moments something happens to reign in my focus: an amazing sunrise occurs, a bird's song begins to fill my ears, one of our blessings (AKA kids) randomly gives me a kiss or begins singing praise songs, a call or text from someone dear, a hymn from long ago floods my mind, a story shared of one's struggle far greater than my own...He speaks to me everywhere in all of His creation and gives me perspective.

I merely need to quiet myself and listen.

Allow His truth to fill me to overflowing and drown the voice of the world.

I do not have all the answers and I may never know "WHY?" to many things. I am at peace with that. Because the One who put the stars on place and named each one knows all the whys and hows and whos.

But as I stood under the stars tonight I merely exhaled and smiled.

I know He sees me. I know He loves me. I know He laughs with me. I know He cries with me. I know He died for me. I know He lives for me. I know He prays for me.

Sometimes I need to convince my head of what my heart already knows.

Praying that if you are reading this--whatever your lot and wherever you may find yourself--you know in your heart that God sees YOU, that you are loved beyond measure, and He is in your corner fighting for you!

And if you must, go stand under the starry sky and take in His awe and love for you <3 nbsp="">

Thursday, August 23, 2012

'Twas the Night Before....

'Twas the night before school
And, quite frankly, I'm a mess
But it isn't from slacking
and definitely not from stress

Everything is all in order
From the lunches to the shoes
But the same can't be said about me
I'm suffering from the blues

Three will board the bus tomorrow
One will stay with me
My heart will be in multiple places 
'Til they all return at three

The girls' want skirts with frilly tops
And pretty brand-new shoes
Sophia chose orange and flowers
Savannah chose sparkles and blue

Brayden wanted to look "smart"
Wearing a green-striped polo
He'll button it up to the chin
Have mercy if the button were solo 

The speed at which they are growing
Nearly stops me in my tracks
Sometimes I wish I could freeze the clock
Or maybe turn it back

Third, first, and kindergarten
Wow, I can hardly believe
And our baby is no longer
As she is nearly three

But God made every season
for a purpose and a time
Because I know that He's in control
I will be just fine

What a blessing to watch them grow
And help them along the path
Learning of God's unending love
And respecting His holy wrath

So I'll shed some tears and say a prayer
And cheer them on their way
And be there eagerly waiting
To hear about their big first day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's the most wonderful time...

...of the year!!

Hiking, biking, creek-walking, four-wheeling, camping!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New computer=new posts??

New computer...hopefully some new posts to follow!  But I won't promise when!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Twas the Night Before

Twas the night before I send two
And my heart is aching
Second Grade and kindergarten??
It just may be breaking!

I am not a Momma
who cheers at The Stop
I'm not looking forward to quiet
Nor wanting to go shop

My kids on the other hand
are bursting at the seams
To bed they went
Having school-filled dreams

But the tears I shed
are not all in fear
as they are attending
a Christian school this year

Their backpacks are ready
their lunchboxes packed
I've even included
their mid-morning snack

A skirt and pink top
with matching socks and brown shoes
A red plaid shirt and jeans
colored dark denim blue

It is hard to believe
they're getting this big
I know all too soon
they'll be learning Trig

For now I am busy
with schedules and soccer games
piano and homework
and learning friends' names

Momma's a second-hand learner
as we all journey this path
learning all about God's love
and His holy wrath

Praising His Name
and commiting to heart
His Word and Commandments
praying never to part

So may this new journey
be one full of cheer
We're all trusting God
For a fantastic school year!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fall (and now spring) Soccer!

Brayden's Soccer picture

Team photo!! What a great bunch of boys!

Getting ready to be goalie for the quarter!

This would be my Gram and Dad on the sidelines.
Needless to say...it was COLD!!

Another team photo =)

Go Fireballs!!

I offered to take the team pictures this fall. I took TONS of action shots each game and also group/individual photos. I had so much fun! We just started the spring session of soccer and I am very much looking forward to it. The blog needed a serious update and I can only use previously uploaded photos at the moment =(  Thankfully I had all of the fall season uploaded already!! Until the first week of June, soccer will be the activity every Tuesday and Thursday evening and Saturday mornings. It is fun to watch Brayden learn and grow in his skills. He has a great group of boys on his team--we are so thankful for that! I know that he loves being with the boys after days on end of a house full of girls...poor guy! He counts down the minutes until his Dad pulls in the driveway. So here's to a great Spring season!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Grampa Whitney's Poem

I was asked to compose a poem to be read at Grampa's funeral service. The hardest two pages I've ever read in my life. But I've never been more honored and humbled in my life. What a blessing to give tribute, as one of the speakers noted, to a mountain of a man.


Reverend Andrew Jackson Whitney.

Grampa. A great man indeed.

Great only because he knew his greatest need

Was to bow the knee, make the LORD King

Not just in some areas—but over everything.

So how do you sum up the qualities of a man

Who lived a full and blessed life through following His Plan?

The blessing is that there’s no secret side to reveal

No matter how you knew him, Grampa was always real.

The Fruits of the Spirit were ever apparent

Grampa died to self and became transparent

So that the love of Jesus could shine and work through

His earthly body for there was God’s work to do!

A servant’s heart; a man of strong conviction,

He was a breath of fresh air

In a world of contradiction.

His undying love for Gramma was so beautiful to behold

At times he would say that he didn’t feel whole

But Grampa kept his eyes looking to Heaven above

Drawing strength from Jesus and His perfect Love.

Grampa loved to play jokes; was quite the funny guy

There was often a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

Retelling stories, often in jest

Poking fun and making sure the point wouldn’t rest.

Grampa’s large, powerful hands would greet you with a squeeze

And happily cradle a child on his knees.

With those hands he would lovingly build a fire

Keeping his granddaughter warm when she tired.

Writing letters, emails, and birthday cards

With reminders of keeping our lamps trimmed and hearts on guard.

Grampa established a family altar of prayer

6:30 Wednesday mornings we all would meet there.

He was so often our steady when life felt unstable

A stalwart reminder that God is always able.

So though we sit and shed tears in this earthly place

In our sorrow there’s a greater joy

For Grampa left us with a great heritage of faith.

So, Grampa, we follow your lead--We know the LORD is soon returning

And, praise Jesus, we’ll keep our lamps burning!

~Mandy Yount
  January 22, 2011

Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Wagonload of Love 2010

I'm a bit behind with the pictures as I've been without my computer for a few months. I have some sporadic access to my photos now that Daryl has it reconnected at his office, so I am taking advantage! Hopefully I'll have my computer back soon, but I'll make do in the mean time =).

This is our fourth year of the Wagonload shot. I took about 50 shots of the kids on the wagon this fall just before the weather went south. Here's a glimpse of what my 'photoshoot' was like with our four! Its a rough age bracket to get all of them looking at once, let alone with a smile. So, I enjoy these shots that capture the fun and some of their personalities as I know all too well that soon this time will be past and I can have all the professional poses that I want from them.

Makes me laugh just looking through them!